Hampshire- (Basingstoke) based tailored under-/post-graduate tutorials, workshops, and courses

A wide range of high quality courses and workshops are available for all levels throughout the academic year in Basingstoke.

Individual and small-group tutorials for both under- and post-graduates can also be provided by arrangement, including assessments and ‘bridging’ training from NVQ Level 3 to ISRM Level 4, and/or Level 4 to ISRM Level 5 Accreditation.

The CPD programme has a flexible structure, largely determined by previous/potential participants’ expressions of interest, but invariably updated with the latest research findings or clinical protocols available. 

The range of subjects available at all levels, from student tutorial to advanced post-graduate, include:

–  Individual soft tissue therapy techniques (e.g. STR, MET, MRT/CTM, NMT, PRT, etc.) – please note that ‘MFR’ can include advanced workshops underpinned by Thomas Myers’ Anatomy Trains® model (see www.anatomytrains.co.uk).

–  Assessment-focused workshops ‘by body region’ (e.g. the back & pelvis; the hip & knee; the shoulder & upper limb; etc.),

–  Appropriate remedial exercise prescription (e.g. prioritising between motor control, flexibility, strength, high v. low load; using ‘toys’ such as Swiss Balls, sit-fits, wobble-boards, etc.).

–  Posture and general massage skills training (how to maximise hands-on skills efficacy whilst minimising fatigue, pain, and over-use injury risk – to the therapist, that is!! If you struggle to perform several treatments back to back, or experience ‘localised’ pain in the same area during/after treating, or find you cannot achieve the depth of stroke/pressure you require, then this type of course is for you…

For further information and/or to suggest a specific workshop subject, please e-mail tanya@tmb-src.co.uk.

Further information and a downloadable file with the current Hampshire-based under/post graduate course programme, including a Registration Form, can be found under the ‘Courses’ tab of this website. Further, mostly London-based ISRM-accredited courses can be found at: www.theisrm.com.

Thank you in advance for your interest.

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