Board Certified Structural Integrator (KMI) / Sports Massage & Remedial Therapist.

Sports & Remedial Care practice offering:

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Clinical Sports Massage & Remedial Therapy (SMRT)

What is ‘Remedial Massage’?
Remedial massage, using ‘Advanced Soft Tissue Techniques’ (ASSTs), is a deep form of muscle-specific, problem-specific treatment. It uses a wide repertoire of hands-on techniques aimed at facilitating positive change to the soft tissue layers, from superficial to deep, and along key ‘myofascial continuities’ that connect distant body regions via recognised...

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Clinical KMI Structural Integration (SI)

What is ‘Structural Integration’ (SI)?
Structural Integration is a hands-on treatment of the soft tissues aiming to restore energy-efficient postural balance and movement throughout the body. This is achieved by releasing and adjusting adverse physical tension along identifiable connective tissue or ‘fascial’ continuities and layers.

The strategy involves...

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Tuition & CPD to advanced level in:

- Sports & Remedial Massage
- Fascial Release
- Postural/Functional Assessment
- ‘Intelligent’ Remedial Exercise Planning.

To view the current list of Hampshire-based ISRM-accredited CPD courses including an electronic registration form, please go to the ‘Courses’ sub-page and click on the ‘Download latest courses’ or email tanya@tmb-src.co.uk.

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how we do

Publications & Research in the above fields

2nd International Fascia Congress, Amsterdam 2009
- Poster Presentation based on two Clinical Case Studies

Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies (JBMT)
- Clinical Research Article published (based on above Poster Presentation) in: JBMT Vol 15 (2), Elsevier, April 2011.

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Welcome to TMB Sports & Remedial Care (SRC)


A Basingstoke-based practice offering the highest standards in:

- Sports & remedial massage
- Advanced soft tissue therapy
- Structural Integration (KMI® model)
- Preventative & remedial injury/dysfunction management
- Postural & functional movement restoration
- Functional & sports performance enhancement.

The practice is run by former GB marathon runner and Hampshire basketball player Tanya Ball, who has gained extensive knowledge and experience in these fields since 1997. Click here to read Tanya’s profile.

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Event Work Massage Provision

The ISRM (Institute of Sport & Remedial Massage)
- Students and graduates with opportunities to experience on-site sports massage at major sports events
- Sports events organisers, promoters, and/or supporting charities, with a first-class on-site pre– and post-event massage service coordinated and overseen by experienced team leaders
- Raised awareness among key ‘event massage’ recipients – athletes – and those in their care, of the many benefits of quality sports & remedial massage, which together are reported to reduce injury risk, promote healing and recovery, and hence ultimately enhance performance.

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our client

“ As a Dentist, having back, neck, and shoulder problems was an occupational hazard, until I saw Tanya for treatment. Tanya not only provided me with remedial soft tissue treatment, which addressed my immediate discomfort, she also took the time to fully assess the cause of my problem by taking a detailed history and providing me with sound postural advice on how to prevent future relapses. She is an extremely likeable and knowledgeable person who takes a great deal of pride in her work, which is shown in her constant strive to gain further qualifications to improve her knowledge and skill set. Her professional yet caring approach to treatment of clients is outstanding. 
I do not hesitate to recommend Tanya's services to my own patients who can present with all sorts of muscular problems.’”

Dr Aamir Hyder whitchurchsmiles.co.uk

create director

“ I just wanted to let you know that the treatment you gave me has given me immense relief from my back pain. In the 36 years since my daughter's birth, I have endured pain, and all treatments from chiropractic and physiotherapy over the years have not benefitted me as much as your treatment. ”